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  • What is a Podiatrist?
    Podiatrists are specialists of the foot, ankle, leg, and knees . They undergo a minimum of 4 years of Universtity Education and are registered to Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) .
  • What should I expect from a consultation?
    On initial consultation, we will spend some time get to know your history and carry out physical examinations as part of assessment. Then it depends on your condition, we will discuss with you about a plan to achieve your goal/s.
  • What is a general consultation and treatment?
    General consultations and treatments depend on the issue the client is concerned about. This may include: Nail Care -thickened nails, fungal nails, ingrown nails etc Skin Care - calluses, corns, warts, athlete's foot etc Diabetic foot screening and assessments (including digital circulation tests and neurological checks) Biomechanical assesments ( assesing Range of Motion, Muscle testing, Gait Analysis etc)
  • Do you bulk bill?
    We can bulk bill through the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program. Other methods of bulk billing includes; DVA (Veteran Affairs), Worker’s injuries through Workcover and TAC (car accidents). Please contact your doctor to see if you are eligible or not.
  • Do you accept private health insurance?
    Yes, we accept all private health insurance. Some clinics have a HICAPS machine onsite, which allows instant rebate. All you need to pay is the gap fee. For the clinics that do not have a HICAPS machine, you will be given an invoice with the appropriate codes to claim back your rebate.
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